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Ibrahim Alsini

Dr. Ibrahim Alsini is a respected figure in the hospitality and tourism industry, known for his strategic vision, commitment to excellence, and deep understanding of Saudi culture and protocol. Throughout his career, Dr. Alsini has made significant contributions to the field, blending his expertise in hospitality management with a passion for promoting cultural exchange and culinary traditions.

Starting as an Assistant Professor in Hospitality Management at King Abdulaziz University’s College of Tourism in Jeddah, Dr. Alsini quickly rose to become Dean of the College. 

During his tenure, he enhanced the quality of hospitality education and led initiatives to elevate industry standards in Saudi Arabia.

Driven by his interest in international relations, Dr. Alsini attained certifications in protocol and etiquette from the Protocol School of Washington. His expertise positioned him as a sought-after consultant, advising both government officials and private sector executives on navigating diplomatic complexities.

Recognizing the significance of food in Saudi culture, Dr. Alsini played a key role in promoting the kingdom's culinary heritage. As an advisor to the Saudi Culinary Arts Commission, he contributed to the selection of the official national dish of Saudi Arabia, showcasing the diversity and richness of Saudi cuisine on a global platform.

n his role as Vice President at Saudi Airlines Catering Company, Dr. Alsini led the company’s Hajj and Umrah Division. Dr. Alsini developed a comprehensive strategy for Hajj and Umrah catering, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of pilgrims visiting the Two Holy Mosques.

Dr. Alsini founded INAAR Hospitality and Tourism Consultancy, where he provides tailored advisory services to diverse public and private sector clients on topics including restaurant and kitchen design, national education strategy and curriculum development, and hospitality investment.

Throughout his career, Dr. Alsini has remained committed to promoting Saudi culture, etiquette, and culinary traditions. Whether through academic pursuits, consultancy work, or leadership roles, he continues to uphold the values of excellence and cultural diplomacy in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Mr. Alsini will present the learning lab: Saudi Coffee as a Cornerstone of Hospitality and Protocol

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