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The registration deadline for the Global Education Summit has been extended to July 26, 2024!

Please note, the program is subject to change as details are confirmed. We encourage you to re-visit this page for the latest details.

Plenary Events

Creating a Culture of Trust & Empathy – The Superpower to True Business Growth

In this flagship keynote, Chris Bashinelli shares the profound method he’s used to build trust and forge lifelong friendships around the world as a National Geographic Explorer.  Read More.

Spark Your Passion: Unveil the Roots of Burnout and Reignite Engagement

Understand the current state of the workforce, the root causes of burnout, and learn simple, practical framework to shift into thriving - for you and your team. Read More.

Global Event Management and Protocol Coming Together that Win

Join our panel of experts to explore how the synergy of global event management and protocol can transform interactions and foster mutual respect. Read More.

The Marvel of Generative AI: The Future of Work Efficiencies

Since ChatGPT exploded in our lives in 2022, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already having a significant impact on the tasks and and requirements needed for today’s educational and professional work. Read More.

Top Gun Teamwork: Building Real Teams that Win

Unlock the secrets of high-performance teamwork, Top Gun style! Join former Air Force 'Top Gun' Robert "Cujo" Teschner as he reveals how elite teams use accountability as a tool for success. Read More.

Learning Labs

Navigating Workplace Conflict: How to Have More Influence, Less Drama, and Better Collaboration

Master any workplace conflict with confidence and ease, have less drama, better results, and thrive at work. Read More.

Productivity Hacks That Transform Your Mission

What do world-class leaders do differently to optimize their time and get more done? Discover their behind-the-scenes productivity hacks you’ll need to get unstuck, reclaim your freedom, and build the career of your dreams. Read More.

The Art of Official Gift Presentation: Trends and Techniques

Learn how to select and present diplomatic gifts that leave a lasting impression, including practical tips on wrapping gifts that travel well. Read More.

Powerful Storytelling: The Art and Science of Captivating Your Audience with Stories

Stories are game changers in business! Powerful storytelling informs, inspires, and motivates people to action. Read More.

Pouring Perfection: Wine Etiquette for Event Planning Demystified

Understand wine etiquette and pairing principles to plan events that impress guests, from choosing the right wines to crafting an inviting atmosphere. Read More.

 The Magic of Africa: Building Bridges through Cultural Understanding.

Africa is the oldest continent. It is also, the youngest! One in four people in the world will be African by 2050. In most African countries, 70 percent or more of the population is under the age of thirty. Read More.

AI's Top 40: Navigating the New Wave of Business Tools

Curious about how AI can help your business hit the high notes of efficiency and cost-saving? "AI's Top 40" charts a course through over 40 AI tools, to show you the latest practical tools.
Read More.

Saudi Coffee as a Cornerstone of Hospitality and Protocol

Join us for an enlightening exploration into the world of Saudi coffee, a timeless emblem of hospitality and respect in Saudi culture. 
Read More.

Elevate Your Virtual Sessions: Techniques for Maximum Impact

Explore practical techniques for improving your virtual training sessions, emphasizing participant engagement, interactive elements, and a polished setup. Read More.

Embracing Change: Unlocking Leadership Strategies for Seamless Transitions

Join us for an insightful session on navigating change, where we will explore the change cycle and how people respond to change. Read More.

 Seating Magic: Seating Software for Event Planning Mastery

Learn how to leverage Cvent Event Diagramming to create visually captivating event diagrams remotely, without the need to physically visit the venue. Read More.

 Strengthening Connections Through Icebreakers

Join us for a dynamic team building focused Learning Lab designed to foster fun, enhance connectedness, and deepen relationships among team members. Read More.

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